MAK Contracts are Proud to Offer Sustainable Construction Services Throughout Scotland

MAK Contracts are an established, all trades group of companies that offer a full range of construction services including timber frame erection, joinery, civil works, landscaping, roofing and finishing services.

They work on a variety of large and small scale projects including social and social care housing projects, private homes and extensions, new build housing projects and commercial developments and have the experience to guide you through your next project.

Environmental sustainability is a large focus for MAK Contracts. They care about the impact that they may have on the environment and are fully committed to minimising this by sourcing raw materials ethically and locally where possible in order to strengthen the Scottish economy. 

They understand that the drive to net zero in Scotland cannot be achieved alone. Therefore, MAK Contracts works in close collaboration with their team, clients, partners and wider supply chain to improve the environmental performance of their services and reduce their carbon footprint. This includes reducing waste, recycling materials where possible and using resources sparingly. In addition, MAK Contracts strives to keep things local by engaging with local businesses where possible and recruiting local tradesmen to each of their project sites throughout Scotland.

Darren Taylor, Director of MAK Contracts commented, 

“Everyone at MAK Contracts are dedicated to ensuring that we keep a low-carbon footprint through everything we do, from our admin through to our products, we strive for environmentally friendly excellence.”

If you would like to find out more about how MAK Contracts can help with your future projects, please contact us by emailing:    


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